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e vents

    We participate in gastronomic events such as the tapas and pinchos contest that takes place every year in Benidorm in which during the last three years we have been awarded the "first prize" in original tapas and public voting.

60+1 international competition 

Paella _     YOUR E CA


On September 12, our Chef Josetxo Pajares in the company of Juan Ramón Casanova participated in the 60+1 Sueca International Paella Contest.

Trying to return to the "normality" experienced in previous editions, it has been a very special edition, since last year the 60th anniversary was forced to be postponed due to the health situation
There were up to 40 establishments that represented different parts of the world in order to cook
The Best Valencian Paella in the World .
All with the same recipe and ingredients, distributed by the organization, cooked their rice dishes over firewood throughout the morning, as indicated by the traditional Sueca recipe, and then gave way to the jury, which would carefully take into account criteria such as the point of rice, the proportion of the ingredients, the colour, the taste and even the point of charring.
Our team won the award for
The Best Valencian Paella cooked in the Valencian Community. For us a great pride, we did not hesitate for a second in the hands of the team that represented us. 

46 international competition 

F ideua   WIN DAY _

our chef, Josetxo Pajares, accompanied by Juan Ramón Casanova, traveled to Gandía to participate in the 46th Gandía International Fideuá Contest .
This Contest has been searching for the best Fideuá from all over the world since 1975. On this occasion, under the slogan "Deliciously historic", our chefs, accompanied by 29 other teams, representatives from different parts of the world such as Puerto Rico, Uruguay, the United States and of course Spain, among others.

From 12:00 noon, with their stoves running, broths ready, the best seafood selected by each team and the number 4 noodle, all the teams were preparing their fideuá with the aim of cooking the best of all.
On this occasion, our team could not win any of the three prizes awarded by the jury, but we are sure that it will be so on another occasion.
From the La Mejillonera team, we send our most sincere
congratulations to all the winners !

g wing AP H EA

The mayor of Alicante, Luis Barcala, the deputy mayor, Mari Carmen Sánchez, and the councilors of Commerce - Hospitality, together with the Councilor of Fiestas, enlivened the gala of the  Association of Hospitality Entrepreneurs of the Province of Alicante  (APEHA), which has celebrated  its 40th anniversary. Giving the Mejillonerta Benidorm recognition for its work in the Levantine Hospitality Industry.

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I nternational Contest Rice B anda _ _  

June 1  2019

  La Mejillonera participated in the First  international contest of  Alicante City of Rice . Remaining among the ten finalists and winning the  Third Prize for Best Rice  to  Banda , cooked outdoors in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. The experts  they scored:

the taste, the cooking,  the aesthetics, the presentation, the color, the use of local products and the food hygiene that has surrounded its kitchen.

White Coast _ _


 La Mejillonera participates in the  Costa Blanca Food Experience  representing  benidorm  Yet the  Marina Baixa  in  Fitur2019 , with the support of the Provincial Council of Alicante and the Costa Blanca  , we will prepare an extraordinary menu with our "Arroz a banda"

arroz a banda
diputacion de alicante
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Alicante G astronomica _

22/25 February 2019

The mussel farm has also participated in *Alicante Gastronomica*  2019 Supporting the Benidorm Stand. Our chef gave a Rice Masterclass  Y   we delight with our winning tapas in the Skewers Contests &  Tapas from Benidorm.

masterclass de arroz
mejillones con escabeche de vermut
mejillones con plancton y algas
concurso de tapas Benidorm
pato pekin con hoisin de frutos rojos
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